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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Career opportunities

Further studies

A master’s in engineering sciences (SDI) in one or other of its two mechanics specialisations: mechanics of fluids, energetics and environment (MFE) and mechanics and materials and structures (MIS). These studies can also allow students to join a engineering school.

Professional integration

Areas of employment cover the industries of mechanics, metallurgy, process engineering, calculation centres, industrial development laboratories, the field of
transport, the automobile and aeronautical industries or also energy production.


Obtaining a level L2 requires the acquisition of 7 teaching units (TU) in mechanics (18 ECTS), mathematics (12 ECTS), physics (6 ECTS), computer science (6 ECTS) and of 4 optional teaching units (15 ECTS) and 1 teaching unit in a language (3 ECTS).

Mechanics and modelling programme

Level L3 consists of 9 TU in mechanics (33 ECTS), mathematics (6 ECTS) and digital methods (12 ECTS), 1 optional unit (6 ECTS) and 1 language and professional integration unit (3 ECTS).

Mechanics and technologies programme

Level L3 consists of 7 TUs in mechanics (21 ECTS), technologies (15 ECTS), mathematics (6 ECTS) and digital methods (6 ECTS), 3 optional units (9 ECTS) and 1 language and professional integration unit (3 ECTS).


– Entry into level L2 is open to students who have done a programme of study in mathematics, computer science, mechanics, electronics (MIME) and physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics (PCME) in the integration cycle of Sorbonne Université or students who have done a programme of study that is judged to be equivalent in another establishment.

– Entry into level L3 assumes the acquisition of level L2 at Sorbonne Université or another university.

– Students who have done one or two years of preparatory classes for the  grandes écoles , holders of a DUT and BTS and students who have done a multi-disciplinary scientific programme of study after the baccalauréat can enter at level L2 or L3 after their application has been examined.


Requests for registration are accepted from mid-April.

After administrative registration, teaching registration is carried out by the university teaching team.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations

Administrative Manager
ZUMARAN Mercedes
01 44 27 70 55
Sorbonne Université
Tour 55/65
2e étage
porte 214
4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris

Phone. 01 44 27 70 55

Estelle GODEFROY (L2) Nadine DAVID (L3) /
01 44 27 72 62 (L2) - 01 44 27 72 11 (L3)

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