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Diploma of Engineering (Taught in French)


An engineering school...

...aiming for excellence for all

Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université is Sorbonne Université’s engineering school. This university is world-renowned for the excellence of its research and teaching. Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université, a university polytechnic graduate school, trains top-level engineers in close collaboration with industry. It is multidisciplinary, and offers seven specializations anchored in the most innovative fields of science and technology, as well as an integrated program for scientific high school graduates.

Scientific training applied to the needs of companies

Supported by lecturers at the forefront of their field, the school gives a solid scientific education tailored to the needs and realities of companies. It is a teaching strategy that works: 90% of its engineers are hired within six months of graduation.

Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université is a public school which participates energetically in the social promotion of its students, and makes their career success a permanent goal. Here, apprenticeships and classic courses all lead to the Diploma of Engineering.

Specializations open to those with specific needs

These specializations are open to those with specific needs, welcoming high-level sportspeople and artists and students with disabilities, for whom Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université will adapt the courses according to individual projects and rhythms. This diversity contributes positively to the establishment’s reputation, reinforcing the mission statement “excellence for all”.


For more information, visit the Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université website


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