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Agri-Food Industry

Career opportunities

Further study

PhD in a research laboratory or within the framework of an industrial contract for training through research (CIFRE), master’s degree in management, etc.


With their advanced knowledge of plant science, food science and food engineering, graduates of this specialization are capable of giving correct diagnoses on quality and manufacturing processes, of apprehending an industrial project in its entirety and of bring it to completition. Proving the pertinence of their qualification, these engineers find job in many professions, from R&D to marketing, in various fields, agricultural coops, primary grain processing companies (cereals, oilseeds, etc.), secondary processing companies (pet food and animal feed, brewing, starch manufacturing, etc.).


The course takes 3 years.

Year 3

-First year of the engineering cycle: 28 weeks of classes + a one-month “company discovery” internship.

-General knowledge for engineers (management, english).

-Basic science (mathematics, computer science, thermodynamics).

-Plant science (biochemistry, genetics, plant physiology, etc.).

-Food-processing engineering

Year 4

-Second year of the engineering cycle: 24 weeks of classes + a two-month “technician” internship.

- General knowledge for engineers.

- Science for engineers (thermal science, software, statistics, management, etc.).

- Food-processing engineering, food science, plant biotechnology. postharvest physiology.

-Scientific and technical project.

Year 5

-Third year of the engineering cycle: 14 weeks of classes

-6 month “engineering” internship

-Applied science (protection treatments, applied microbiology, etc.).

-Industrial management and computer science.

-Project: design of manufacturing lines

-Two optional modules: “formulation and quality of cereal products” and “health and environmental safety”.


- Students from the PeiP program, which is the preparation cycle for Polytech network engineering schools.

- Selective recruitment Year 3

- Students having successfully completed their 2nd year in tertiary education Year 4

- Students having successfully completed their 4th year in tertiary education


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Contact Informations

Contact Informations
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Spécialité Agroalimentaire
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