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Materials Science specialization

Career opportunities


Graduate engineers from this school have a very good knowledge of materials and of instrumentation.

They can choose from a wide range of job opportunities in production, R&D, studies, quality control, recycling and environment, marketing, commerce, buying.

They can work in all industrial sectors: metallurgy, chemistry, nuclear, new materials and biomaterials, railway, automobile, marine and nautical, aeronautics and space, glass, ceramics, composites, analysis laboratories, polymers (paint, glue, detergents, etc.).



This course requires a very good level of physics and chemistry.


  • Atoms, chemical bonding and cristallography
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry
  • Business, economic life and English
  • Computer science and modeling
  • Mathematics and probabilities
  • Fluid and soldi mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • 4 week work placement


  • Applied electrochemistry and interfaces
  • Human organization in companies and English
  • Physical properties and materials mechanics
  • Materials, minerals, powders and colloids
  • Spectroscopies (NMR, mass, RX, RPE, IR...)
  • Synthesis and physicochemistry of polymers
  • Applied thermmodynamics and metallurgy
  • 8 week work placement


  • Choice of specialization
  • End of studies work placement (20 to 24 weeks)
  • Dissertation and its defence

Two specialization options:

  • Materials (with a choice of modules)

- Glass, nanomaterials
- Components for electronics

  • Materials with specific properties

- Characterization (with a choice of modules)
- Separative methods
- Sample preparation


-    Students studying at the polytech engineering schools (PeiP), where students undertake preparatory studies for the schools that are in the Polytech network.
-    Selective recruitment.

In year 3
students who have validated a bac + 2 diploma (L1, L2) students in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (CPGE).

In year 4
Students who have successfully completed their M1.



Contact Informations

Contact Informations

Polytech'Paris-Sorbonne Université
Spécialité matériaux
Boîte courrier 135
4, place Jussieu 75252 Paris Cedex 05

Phone. (33)

Brion Rose-Marie

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