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Master of Chemistry

Chemistry is an experimental science which requires both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The Master of Chemistry builds on the foundations acquired in a Bachelor of Chemistry to ensure the creative capacity of the scientific players of the future. Due to the increasing complexity and constant developments of the world of chemistry, special attention is paid to ensuring a broad and cross-cutting knowledge of the discipline. All graduates of this master’s degree will be familiar with the concepts and methods underlying the current developments in all chemistry fields, as well as the necessary tools and equipment. This includes current aspects of synthesis and the properties of chemical compounds of all kinds, and their implications in the industrial sector. Mastery of modern analytical methods and an understanding of chemical reactivity complete the general course which all Chemistry majors will follow at the beginning of their master’s degree. Then, students select options which become increasingly specialized over the course of the two-year degree, giving them a cutting-edge education in their chosen field. The scientific objectives are defined for each program depending on its purpose. As a result, graduates not only reach a level of excellence in their specialization, but are able to understand the adjacent specializations. The breadth of course options allows for a large variety of individual programs, which in turn guarantees the diversity necessary among each year’s graduates to cover all job opportunities in the field.

An international Master’s course is also offered in partnership with the universities of Ottawa and Montreal. The JCEMolChem (Joint Curriculum for Excellence in Molecular Chemistry) is a conjoint transatlantic course in molecular chemistry with European funding.


  • independence in a laboratory and a good technical mastery of operational methods and equipment related to the chosen chemistry specialization,
  • management of bibliographical resources (databases, online revues, etc.) and mastery of the scientific literature in the chosen specialization,
  • critical analysis of a scientific article or presentation,
  • use of creativity to resolve a scientific problem,
  • teamwork,
  • presentation of results in different forms (posters, oral presentations, rapports, etc.),
  • a certified level of English, equivalent to or higher than CLES B2,
  • mastery of job search techniques. 

Career opportunities

This Master’s degree can lead to doctoral study in one of the appropriate doctoral schools: molecular chemistry, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Central Paris, Inter-bio, Engineering of Advanced Procedures and Technology. It can also lead to management level employment in industry.


Level 1:

  • Semester 1: four common papers for all students, giving an overview of the different aspects of chemistry.
  • Semester 2: students orient towards one of 5 specializations, with the choice of three options papers out of 11.  Internship abroad in a university or industrial laboratory, or in an industrial laboratory in France.

Level 2:

  • Semester 3: five papers chosen from those offered in the different specializations, making a personalized program.
  • Semester 4: internship, in either a French or a foreign university laboratory, or in industry for the vocational Master’s degree.

5 specializations are offered at M2 level:

  • Analytical, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Molecular Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry and Physical-Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Teaching


Bachelor of Chemistry graduates or equivalent. Students having completed their first year of a Master’s degree or equivalent diploma in another establishment may be accepted directly at M2 level. 


Enrolment applications are open from mid-April to June.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations

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Philippon (M2) Céline
01 44 27 30 55
Sorbonne Université
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Tour 54-55 porte 117
4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris - F

Phone. 01 44 27 30 55

HROUDA Pascale (M1)
01 44 27 30 95

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