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Chemical Engineering specialization (M2)

The aim of this specialization is to train students in the fundamentals of industrial production, either on laboratory or industrial pilots, or in virtual reality using industrial software which enables scientific and economic facts and the constraints imposed by industrial security to be considered simultaneously. The fine chemistry, high technology, clean processes and environmental remediation, catalysis and petrochemistry sectors are all treated. Considering the major issues of the scientific and industrial worlds, an education which links academic knowledge and engineering science is necessary for those who wish, in the medium or long term, to find employment in the industry.

In particular, this means giving students the tools necessary for an integrated approach to processes, including everything from their simulation, conduct and optimization to management of their environment in terms of company knowledge, chemical risk management and environmental impact. Certain types of processes, chosen for their innovation factor, their social impact and their employment catchment area are developed in more detail in specialized papers.   

The teaching program of the Chemical Engineering specialization was developed with these factors in mind, thanks to consultation with former students who now work in the industry.

This course is co-run with the CNAMNouvelle fenêtre.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this Master’s specialization can continue study with a doctorate (industrial funding is significant in this sector) before pursuing an academic or industrial career, or launch their engineering career with the big industrial groups (Essilor, Technip, Total, etc.), in small businesses or with service firms (Altran, Alten, Unilog, etc.). They can also continue studying for a complementary qualification in a different field (specialized Master’s degrees at ESSEC, ENSAM, HEC, ESC Bordeaux, etc.). 


This specialization is aimed at students or engineers with an initial diploma or degree in chemistry, physical chemistry or process engineering.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations
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