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Materials Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials specialization (M2)

There are currently no technological fields that remain unaffected by advances in materials science. Present in all aspects of daily life, these advances contribute to the improvement of our standard of living and are at the heart of technological developments associated with sustainable development, energy, health and information and communication technologies. Materials are both catalysts for progress and a significant factor in economic and social development, considering that altogether they constitute one of the biggest employment catchment areas.

Broadly speaking, the functions, reactivity and durability of materials are the result of the superposition of volume, surface and interface properties. The development of complex materials is thus a source of unique and innovative properties, whose many applications are constantly evolving.

All these points will be covered in the Materials specialization, with care always taken to relate the fundamental aspects of materials science (synthesis, structure, properties) to their economic and social impact.

Career opportunities

The course is designed for students who wish first and foremost to undertake a doctorate, as well as those who prefer to enter the workforce directly. The scientific fields concerned by this specialization are primarily, though not exclusively, polymers, inorganic materials and nanomaterials. Career prospects are very broad and cover practically all industrial sectors which involve chemistry and materials. 


This specialization is aimed at students or engineers with an initial diploma or degree in inorganic chemistry, polymers chemistry or materials chemistry. 

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Contact Informations
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