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Physiology and physiopathology specialization

This is a specialization of the master's degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology.

This specialization aims to give students a precise understanding of modern animal physiology and of the physiopathological mechanisms that lead to disease. It leads to biomedical research and associated professions. During the second semester, students focus on the major functions necessary for the homeostasis of the internal environment. In 2nd year (M2), students build on this base to understand the molecular and cellular origin of the pathologies covered in the specialization, and the current and prospective therapeutic means of combating these pathologies.

Career opportunities

The purpose of this master reference is to train scientists for research and development in the public service as well as in private companies. Following a research master is strongly advised to prepare a PhD to be hired to run as a researcher, scholar, engineer in public service (CNRS, INSERM, CEA, INRA, Universities etc ...) or comparable positions in private companies. The professional masters are directly backed by the companies involved in particular France Biotech and IPROB who are partners of the master.


Master 1 - Semestre 2 (30 ECTS)

  • 1 compulsory UE (6 ECTS) + optional UEs (12 ECTS)
  • 1 UE for a 3-month internship in France or abroad (12 ECTS)


Master 2 - Semestre 1 (30 ECTS)

choice of compulsory UEs (18 ECTS) + optional UEs (12 ECTS)


Master 2 - Semestre 2 (30 ECTS)

UE for a 6-month internship in France or abroad


Sorbonne Université students holding a bachelor of science and technology in life sciences, and even undergraduate students from other universities who don't have the choice in this specialty. It sleeps after determining the pre-requisites for enrollment in the 2nd year Masters student in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering students and veterinarians. Prerequisites are determined by the educational team which validates a share of the student's study and propose, where appropriate, additional teaching units to choose from in the first year of the Masters. It has a research character asserted. The flow of students to count in this specialty is in the order of sixty.


This entry is open to students of the Sorbonne Université Bachelor of Science and Technology, Life Sciences mention. It will be held accountable for their results and the adequacy of their training with the reference master. It can be opened to students in M1. Some courses may also be open to physicists students in S3 who have validated the EU S2 "biology for non-biologists" for them in the word "physics and applications". The term is also open to students who require a medical program especially M1, graduate students or doctors from other universities and "Grandes Ecoles" for students based on skills acquired in the areas of reference.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations
Administrative Manager
Sorbonne Université
Master BIP
Bâtiment B, 3e étage, porte 314
4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris - F

+33 1 44 27 23 88

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