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Master of Knowledge Management and Innovation (M2)

The Master of Knowledge Management and Innovation trains young scientists for management professions by allowing them to acquire a double skills-base and specific knowledge according to their specialization.

This multidisciplinary major (statistics, education science, management science, artificial intelligence, business sciences and computer science), derives from different courses.

The aim is to give students from different scientific backgrounds high level career prospects, in addition to traditional scientific professions.


Discipline-specific prerequisites:

  • Ability to put knowledge into practice, to solve problems, to adapt to new situations
  • Dedication to quality

General prerequisites:

  • Ability to work autonomously and in a team
  • Organizational skills
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Communication, language and IT skills 

Career opportunities

The Knowledge Management and Innovation major is vocational. Many different consultants and professionals from business, public bodies and banks give guest lectures for this course. These organisms also host students from the major for internships.


  • Risk Management:
    trains high level risk experts, both in insurance and finance, and in industry and services. The basic tools are probabilities and statistics (partnership with ISUP).
  • Engineering for On-Line Training:
    trains project managers capable of integrating IT into distance education programs (ex DESS engineering and multimedia).
  • Network and Digital Economy Industries (in French, IREN):
    teaches the operational principles of the network and digital economy industries so that students can follow the rapidly evolving phenomena involved. This specialization is divided into four thematic programs (research and vocational): Digital Economy, Innovation, Network Industries, Market Design.
  • Knowledge, Content and Contexts Management (in French, MC3):
    gives scientists a second skill-set with an integrated program in knowledge, content and contexts management.
  • Strategic Marketing and Health:
    trains upper-level managers specialized in marketing and management in the health sector.


This major is intended for students having completed their first year of a scientific master’s degree or equivalent, or for people from public or private companies who can justify to the required level of competency. The Risk Management specialization accepts bachelor’s graduates or equivalent.

Proficiency in English and capabilities in management studies are required for certain of the major’s specializations.


Enrolment applications for this degree can be made from mid-April to the end of August.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations

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