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Complex systems specialization (M2)

Subjects in this specialization relate to statistical and nonlinear physics, the organization and dynamics of complex matter and how they are theoretically processed and modeled. Complex matter refers to soft matter, interfaced systems, weak solids, fluids with somewhat simple rheological properties and any biological object studied using normal physics techniques. The program includes courses in theoretical, digital and experimental physics. It also shares certain papers from other specializations in the major (for example, International centre for fundamental physics) and it offers a dual program under both the Physics and Applications and Engineering Sciences majors.

Partnerships: ENS Cachan, Paris VII, Paris XI

Career opportunities

The research stream prepares students to undertake a PhD in one of the many university or industrial labs involved in modeling and complex system physics. The vocational stream trains engineers, quality control or production engineers and technical sales managers in the following fields: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agri-food, materials, construction, geophysics and mining.


This specialization offers four research-oriented programs:

  • Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems ; International Master Physics of Complex Systems
  • Modeling, Statistics and Algorithms out of Equilibrium Systems
  • Microfluidic
  • Mechanics Physics

and one vocational program:

  • Complex Fluids and Divided Media.


This specialization accepts students who have successfully completed their first year of a Master of Physics and students who have obtained an engineering diploma majoring in physics. Depending on the chosen program, students who have successfully completed their first year of a Master of Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, Physical Chemistry, or Materials Science may be admitted.


Applications can be made on line from mid-April.

Consult the major and/or specialization websites before applying.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations

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Sorbonne University
Master of Physics
23/33 Tower - 2nd floor - Door 208
Post Office Box 85
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