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Geosciences specialization (M2)

Physics students in this specialization are exposed to a variety of fields pertaining to solid Earth physics and mechanics. They can choose to give their master’s degree a research or a vocational focus.

Run jointly with the Space, Environmental and Ecological Sciences major, the specialization aims to prepare students for research careers in geology, geophysics and geochemistry as well as applications of these disciplines. Subjects include measurement and modeling methods closely linked to observing objects on land, sea or from space.

There are four standard programs for physics students from within the Geosciences, Geomaterials specialization of the Space, Environmental and Ecological Sciences major:

  • Soil and rock mechanics and structures in their environment;
  • Applied geophysics: resources and the environment;
  • Planetology.

Students may request other programs from the Continental Environments and Hydrosciences specialization of the Space, Environmental and Ecological Sciences major.

  • • Remote sensing applied to environmental problems;
  • • Computer science applied to geographic information systems;
  • • Hydrology-Hydrogeology.

All programs are both research and vocational.


Mines-ParisTech, CNAM, ENS, ENSPM


Discipline-specific skills:

  • know the basics of contemporary physics
  • gain advanced knowledge in a specialized field of physics or one of its applications
  • analyze, model and solve physics problems
  • demonstrate a capacity for abstraction
  • use mathematical and statistical tools
  • know one or more disciplines that relate(s) to physics
  • learn to use a multidisciplinary approach
  • know a few current instrumentation techniques
  • apply an experimental process
  • use prototyping and data acquisition software

General skills:

  • use a programming language
  • use IT and communication technologies
  • conduct data research
  • use oral and written language to communicate the results of their work
  • work in a team
  • carry out a project
  • become a member of a research team or a professional environment
  • understand and use a foreign language


The first semester includes specialization classes chosen in the preferred program (worth 18 ECTS credits) plus electives in one of specialization’s three programs or other specializations in the Physics and Applications major (worth 12 ECTS credits). The second semester is either an internship on its own, or an internship and additional classes selected from the electives in the program.


Applications can be made on line from mid-April. Consult the major and/or specialization websites before applying.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations

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