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Ocean, atmosphere, climate and space observations specialization (M2-PA)

The Ocean, Atmosphere, Climate and Space Observations specialization spans two majors: Physics and Applications and Space, Environmental and Ecological Sciences.
The specialization is designed for students with a solid background in physics and applied mathematics. It covers dynamic, physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere and the ocean and the issues facing the climate system as a whole. Students are then able to create models and make climate predictions, and they learn advanced observation techniques for these environments, particularly in the field of spaceborne remote sensing.

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Career opportunities

The Ocean, Atmosphere, Climate and Space Observations specialization is designed to prepare students for jobs in research and academic careers in physical oceanography, understanding the atmosphere and climate and space observation methods. Graduates can also find work at major corporations looking for specialists in these fields, companies in the space sector and even banks, insurance companies or regional public-sector environmental agencies concerned about the evolution of planet Earth and the issues of climate change.


The specialization is open in M1 to students with a Bachelor’s in science and technology with a major in physics, applied mathematics, mechanics or earth sciences. For candidates for the Planet Sciences program, the best route to take would be the ENS (École normale supérieure) L3 (3rd-year) Bachelor’s course in Planet Sciences. With the consent of the department heads, students from other Sorbonne Université specializations or majors, or even other universities or grandes écoles, may also be accepted in the 2nd year (M2).




Contact Informations

Contact Informations
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