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Optics, matter, plasmas specialization (M2)

This specialization aims to provide students with advanced scientific and technical training in optics, lasers, atoms and molecules, plasmas and the interaction of matter and radiation. Graduates learn broad skills that enable them to work in a company or a fundamental or applied research laboratory. The research track provides skills in these fields covered by most of the laboratories in the Paris region and thereby opens doors to many new career opportunities. The industry track prepares students for careers that combine optics and materials in photonics as well as biomedical optics.

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Career opportunities

This specialization provides opportunities in fundamental physics, whether for a theoretical or experimental thesis (optics, condensed matter, atomic or molecular physics laboratories, large-scale equipment, etc.) or in countless small- and medium-sized businesses and industries and major industrial groups involved in optics, lasers, matter-radiation interaction and plasmas.

The vocational program in particular prepares students for careers that combine optics and materials/biomedical optics.


Three research-oriented programs:

One industry-oriented program :


The program accepts students who have successfully completed the first year of a Master’s in physics and those who have earned an engineering degree in physics.

The vocational Master’s program is also open to continuing education students.


Applications are accepted from mid-April to June.

Contact Informations

Contact Informations
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Administrative Manager
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Sorbonne University
Master of Physics
23/33 Tower - 2nd floor - Door 212
Post office box 85
4 place Jussieu
75005 Paris - F

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