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Sorbonne University’s participation in the Erasmus+ program provides increased opportunities for its students through study and internships abroad and for its professors through the mobility of higher education program .


Sorbonne University also encourages the participation of professor-researchers in the Joint Masters program, which supports educational excellence and provides scholarships to the best students in the world.


Through the Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances and Capacity Development programs, Erasmus + enables Sorbonne University to consolidate its collaborative relationships with foreign universities, through innovation, the exchange of good practices, stronger links with industry, and the modernization of higher education systems in targeted areas.


In order to participate in this program, Sorbonne University has an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) (5 MB) (in French).

Katherine Tyrka - 31/05/18

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The ERCs Awarded at Sorbonne University



The International Relations Department

The Jussieu campus

Zamansky Tower, 16th floor

Sabine Lopez, Director

Secretary: Ms. Dominique Bouret

tel. +33 (0)1 44 27 26 74 email (relations.internationales @ upmc.fr)


The Research and Technology Transfer Department

European Affairs Office

The Jussieu campus

Zamansky Tower, 17th floor

Elena Billi-Rizza,

Head of office

tel. : +33 (0)1 44 27 23 93 email (elena.billi-rizza @ upmc.fr)

Secretary: Alisa Russanova

tel : +33 (0)1 44 27 51 92 email (alisa.russanova @ upmc.fr)