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Courses available in English


At the Masters level, Sorbonne Université offers classes taught in English.

Theses courses can be part of a general Masters curriculum or of an International Masters programme.  




Program coordinator

  Faculty of Biology

Molecular and Cellular Biology (BMC) specialty Genetics

 Master 2

 Frederic DEVAUX (frederic.devaux @ upmc.fr)

BMC specialty Biochemestry and Molecular Biology

 Master 2

 Joëlle SOBCZAK-THÉPOT (jsobczak @ snv.jussieu.fr)

International Master Program (IMP) specialty From Developmental Biology to Medecine, Evolution and Systems Biology

 Master 1&2

 Claire FOURNIER-THIBAUT (claire.thibault @ upmc.fr)

IMP specialty Cell and Stem Cell Biology

 Master 1&2

 Joëlle SOBCZAK-THÉPOT (jsobczak @ snv.jussieu.fr)

IMP specialty Biotherapies and Immunology

 Master 2

 Véronique MATEO (veronique.mateo @ upmc.fr)

Integrative Biology and Physiology (BIP) specialty Neurosciences

 Master 2

 Régis LAMBERT (regis.lambert @ upmc.fr)

 Faculty of Earth, Environment and Biodiversity

SDUEE specialty Oceanography and Marine Environments (OEM)

 Master 2

 Eric THIEBAUT (eric.thiebaut @ upmc.fr)

 SDUEE specialty Ocean, Atmosphere, Climate and Remote Sensing (OACOS)

 Master 2

 Vladimir Tseitlin (vladimir.tseitline @ upmc.fr)

  Faculty of Engineering

Informatics specialty Networks (RES) - EIT Digital

 Master 1&2

 Prométhée SPATHIS (promethee.spathis @ upmc.fr)

Bioinformatics and Modeling (BIM)

 Master 2

 Alessandra CARBONE (alessandra.carbone @ upmc.fr)

Fluid mechanics, foundations and applications (MF2A) specialty Fluid Mechanics

 Master 2

 Stéphane ZALESKI (stephane.zaleski @ upmc.fr)

Distributed systems and applications (SAR) specialty Mechatronic Systems for Rehabilitation (MSR)

 Master 2

 Véronique PERDEREAU (veronique.perdereau @ upmc.fr)

  Faculty of Mathematics

Mathematics for modeling specialization specialty Numerical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (ANEDP)

 Master 2

 Fabrice BETHUEL (fabrice.bethuel @ upmc.fr)

Mathematics for modeling specialization specialty Mathematics and Biology

 Master 2

 Luis ALMEIDA (luis.almeida @ upmc.fr)

  Faculty of Physics

Physics and Applications (MPA) specialty Interuniversity Physic Training (FIP)

 Master 1

 Stéphanie BONNEAU (master-m1.physique @ upmc.fr)

MPA specialty complex systems

 Master 2

 Leticia CUGLIANDOLO (leticia.cugliandolo @ upmc.fr)

MPA specialty International Center for Fundamental Physics

 Master 2

 Gérald BASTARD (gerald.bastard @ ens.fr)

MPA specialty Nuclei Particles Astroparticles Cosmology (NPAC)

 Master 2

 Delphine HARDIN (delphine.hardin @ upmc.fr), Sophie TRINCAZ-DUVOID (trincaz @ lpnhe.in2p3.fr)

MPA specialty Materials science and Nano-objects (NANOMAT)

 Master 2

 William SACKS (william.sacks @ upmc.fr) (spécialité), Nadine WITKOWSKI (witkowski @ insp.jussieu.fr) (master international)


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