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Preparing for accomodation in Paris


To sign a lease, you must have the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your ID, (passport and visa «student» if you do not already have your residence permit) and that of the person who will be your guarantor*
  • A salary pay slip of the guarantor, a tax form, a rent or electricity bill
  • A bank statement and a registration certificate from the university

*The guarantor is a person who works and resides in France and who can guarantee for you by committing to pay the amount that you do not pay.

The landlord will request a deposit equivalent to 1 month’s rent. The deposit will be returned to you when you leave the lodgement under the conditions of the «inventory» made upon arrival. 

Housing Assistance

The APL or the ALS are housing grants paid by the ‘Caisse d’allocations familiales’ (Family Allowance fund).

  • The application is made online at: www.caf.fr  
  • All the students who rent accommodation can benefit, under the conditions that their stay in France in longer than 4 months and that they can produce ID and university registration
  • The amount varies depending on the students situation

Web site Information

Different websites offer practical and useful legal advice to help you search for accommodation.

A useful website for students in Paris: https://www.paris.fr

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