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Student Healthcare

Basic Health Insurance 


Basic health insurance is obligatory for all students in France. You need to be covered during the whole university year (September-June). Depending on your age, nationality and situation you depend on different organisms. 




European students

If you have the European healthcare insurance card or equivalent (E11, 106, 121, 122, 128) from your health insurance company in your country of origin, you don't need to take out additional insurance in France.

The validity of your insurance must cover the whole academic year.

Reimbursements must be addressed to the CPAM of Paris' international relations office, Rue de Bercy, Paris 12°


If you don't have the European Health Insurance card, you must pay the social security when registering at Sorbonne University. Here you find more information about the procedure (in french). The amount of the contribution to social security is set at 213 Euros for the academic year 2013/14. When registering you can also chose complementary health insurance.




Students from Quebec

Following the Franco-Quebec agreement of 1998, Canadian nationals that reside in Quebec may be excempt from the French social security.


If you are a Quebec student and you come to study in France as part of an exchange program, you must bring the SE 401-Q-106 form with you. The first part of the form must be completed by your educational institution in Quebec and the second part by the Health insurance Régie du Quebec. If you need to receive health care during your stay in France, you can present the SE 401 Q 106 form to the Primary Health Insurance department. You need to contact the International Relations Department.


If you are covered by the social insurance system in Quebec and you study in France on an individual basis, you must bring the SE 401 Q 102 form. Upon your arrival in France, you must register at the CPAM of your department.





International students from outside the European Union and under 28

Non-European students who study in France for less than three months, are not required to join the French social security system. If they already have insurance coverage in their country, they are reimbursed by their insurance. However they also have the opportunity to join the social security for French students (213 Euros/year). Here is more infomation about the procedure (in french) that is obligatory for all non-European students that study in France for more than 3 months.




Students over 28

You are not eligible for student health insurance and must therefore take out a private insurance. You are responsible for making enquiries and comparing services and prices offered by private companies. You can also get information on the website of the CPAM.


The Universal healthcare coverage (CMU)

It can be granted to students in difficult situations, who have been staying on the French territory for at least 3 months.

Further information is available on the website of the “caisse primaire d’assurance maladie” CPAM:  www.ameli.fr



After examination of resources, students affiliated to the SMEREP can take out free additional medical coverage (CMUC).




Additional health insurance

The basic health insurance does not cover the totality of expenses. It is strongly advised to take out an additional health insurance known as "mutuelle".

At Sorbonne University you can chose between the SMEREP and the LMDE when you get enrolled.


Costs vary according to the insurance company and cover rates.






The campus preventive medicine and social welfare services

Students registered for the first time at the university are called in for a medical visit.

By appointment in 01 40 51 10 00 from Monday till Friday, you can also consult the free medical university service (SIUMPPS)


The Cordeliers (Service of preventive medicine for Sorbonne University students)

15, rue de l' Ecole de Médecine Paris 75006 Métro Odéon 01 40 51 10 00 sumpps @ upmc.fr




The social workers of the CROUS

You can contact the social assistants to talk about the personal, social and family problems or to find a solution of financial difficulties: Campus Jussieu, Bâtiment T, 2nd floor, office 203, Tel: 01 44 27 39 48 / 35 05 / 21 47




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