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BEVT - Biodiversity and environment tropical vegetation

This program is part of the master earth sciences, environement, tropical vegetation. It is proposed in partnership with l'Université Libre de Bruxelles – Belgium, UCAD Dakar - Senegal, l'Université de Yaoundé 1 - Cameroun and l'Université de Dschang - Cameroun


Due to the international challenges linked to the preservation and the management of biodiversity, particularly in intertropical zones and keeping up with the strong request of the university and research of the south, this master's degree program aims at forming  experts (as well as in the theoretical as applied frame) in the fields of tropical plant biodiversity and more particularly in tropical botany, the management of knowledge bases and collections, study, management and conservation of ecosystems and tropical agro-systems, so as in ethnobotany and the promotion of local traditional knowledge.


Contacts : jdubuiss @ snv.jussieu.fr

Severine Bortot (severine.bortot @ upmc.fr) - 24/05/18

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