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Bioinformatics, biomathematics and computer modeling

This international master's program is part of the Master of Computer Science. It is offered in partnership with the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium.

This international program builds on the bioinformatics, biomathematics and computer modeling experience of the various research centres of Sorbonne University and its international partners, to offer a course covering the issues in biology and medicine that generate new requirements at the interface between computer science and mathematics: complex data analysis, detailed modeling tools.


This program accepts:


  • computer science master’s students from the Bioinformatics and modeling specialization
  • mathematics master’s students from the Mathematics applied to biology and medicine specialization
  • biology students from the bioinformatics program of the Master of Molecular and Cellular Biology.



This international program is original compared to traditional master’s programs in bioinformatics in France and abroad, as it includes:

  • biology, combining algorithms, combinatorics and statistics for bioinformatics and mathematic modeling  
  • research modules designed to mix students from different disciplines
  • catch-up modules to allow students to acquire both knowledge and a common language to encourage dialogue
  • modules shared by lecturers and professors from different disciplines.

This program is open to the three specializations in M1. In M2 it is only open for the Bioinformatics and modeling specialization of the Master of Computer Science and the Mathematics applied to biology and medicine specialization of the Master of Mathematics.




J.Cognet for biology         jean.cognet @ sorbonne-universite.fr 
B.Perthame for mathematics   Benoit.Perthame@sorbonne-universite.fr (Benoit.Perthame @ sorbonne-universite.fr)
A.Carbone for computer science      Alessandra.Carbone@sorbonne-universite.fr (Alessandra.Carbone @ sorbonne-universite.fr)


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