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Molecular chemistry: JCEMolChem

This international program is part of the Master of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry

It is offered in partnership with the Université de Montréal and the University of Ottawa, Canada, the University Ludwig Maximilian in Munich, the University Strathclyde in Glasgow et the Lund University in Sweden.

The JCEMolChem program covers all aspects of molecular chemistry: organic and inorganic molecules and their synthesis, molecular materials and their properties, biomolecules and their modes of action. It offers one semester abroad, in years 1 or 2, with lectures and a laboratory placement. The project is financed by the EU-Canada "Transatlantic Exchange Partnerships" program.


To find more about the program please visit the websites :

Find out more: http://www.master.chimie.upmc.fr/fr/06_international/02_jcemolchem/

Contact : Anne-Lise Dhimane anne.dhimane @ sorbonne-universite.fr


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