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Residence Permit (Titre de séjour scientifique)

After the first year in France, researchers that arrived with a VLS-TS, need to apply for a residence permit (titre de séjour). All other researchers who already have a titre de séjour need to renew it before it expires.

Researchers who live in Paris can hand in their documents to Omar DIALLO (omar.diallo @ sorbonne-universite.fr), the contact of the prefecture in Paris and responsible of the International Welcome Office of Sorbonne University.
The dossiers for the conventions d’accueil and for the residence permits are handed to the prefecture every Tuesday morning.

The researchers that live in the region of Paris can get the convention d’accueil by Sorbonne University and have to hand in their documents to the prefecture in their department.
The residence permit (titre de séjour) entitled "scientifique-chercheur" allows to work in France as a researcher. The name and the duration of the research project are specified on the convention d’accueil. Foreign researchers can obtain a card valid between 1-4 years according to the duration of their contract.


Download the list of documents for the renewal (31 KB)of your titre de séjour.

The long stay visa VLS-TS "scientifique-chercheur"

Since September 2012 international researchers don’t have to apply for a residence permit during the first year of their stay in France. The VLS-TS that you obtain at the embassy is valid for a year. it has to be validated by the Immigration Office (OFII) within the first three months of entering France. This is done by sending in a form to the OFII received along with the visa with the address of residence in France, completing a medical examination, attending an introductory meeting, and paying a tax (€241 researchers and their partners in the private/family life category). This validated visa will serve as a residence permit and, likewise, allow travel throughout the other Schengen countries

You need to apply for a residence permit about 3 months before expiration of your VLS-TS during the second year of your stay.

The spouse of the researcher can obtain a temporay 3 months visa “vie privée et familiale" at the French embassy. This visa allows to work in France. It has to be converted into a residence permit once you arrive in France. Information about the procedure will be provided with the convention d'accueil.

Hanna Hertwig - 08/06/18

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    International Welcome Office


    Office 1605, Zamansky Tower, Jussieu campus


    Omar DIALLO
    Responsible for the Welcome Office
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    Mail ( omar.diallo @ upmc.fr)