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Cordeliers Research Centre - UMR_S 872

Presentation of the center
Located in the academic heart of Paris, the Cordelier Research Center is the heir of an old historical institution which has adapted itself and has successfully confronted the scientific and medical challenges of the XXI century.


The basic research activities are carried out in 4 departments, ”Circulation–Kidney”, “Nutrition, Metabolism, Differentiation” and “Tissue microenvironment, Immunity and Cancers” through strong clinical interface and industry.
Core Facilities
To support its research, the Cordelier Research Center has developed major core facilities with efficient tools ranging from molecular analysis to cellular imagery.


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A center of excellence for multidisciplinary research on different functions of the organism
The Cordelier Research Center (CRC) was created on January 1, 2007 in the academic heart of Paris and in a medical university campus. Under the academic patronage of the Universities Pierre and Marie Curie, René Descartes and Inserm, it it interact with several university hospitals (Hôtel-Dieu, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (HEGP), La Pitié-Salpétrière).

With a staff of 450 people, the major focus of CRC is, the regulation of important functions and the roles of the deregulation of these functions in the genesis and progression of diseases. 17 teams are structured in five Coordinated Groups  “Circulation-Kidney”, “Differentiation and Tissue remodeling-metabolism and Nutrition”, “Microbiology” and “Tissue Microenvironment, Immunity and Cancers”.

An important Center of translational research
Through a strong synergism between scientists, clinicians and industry, the CRC has created the means of success of translational research. Several teams are involved in innovation in various fields such as imaging, identifications of genetic, protein or cellular prognostic markers, the production of molecules (monoclonal antibody) or generation of cells (dendritic cells or macrophage) for therapeutic use.


An important research and academic training center
The CRC participates in research and academic training. On the campus is located the faculty of medicine Paris Descartes, the Pierre and Marie Curie Institute of Doctoral training and the school of “physiology and pathophysiology”.
About a hundred PhD students belonging to 8 different Doctoral Schools are hosted in 36 “doctoral training teams”. Students from technical, bachelor and masters levels are also being trained. In addition, young pupils from secondary and high school participate regularly in the programs for initiation to research conceptions and technology.
Seminars as well as meetings at national and European levels and scientific debates on various important contemporary topics, and open-door programs are conducted regularly in the Center.
The Cordelier Research Center is the heir of an old historical institution which adapts itself and develops to face with success the scientific and medical challenges of the XXI century.


Main equipment

The CRC has developed important core facilities including a modern animal facility with a transgenic service, a small animals imaging platform, a core facility for in vivo and ex vivo studies of renal functions, an ex vivo cell imaging facility with a confocal microscopy service, flow cytometry, electron microscopy and laser micro dissection.
These facilities under the management of highly competent scientists and engineers work for the transfer of competence toward the students and ensures the continued formation through regular organization of scientific day meetings.   


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Contact Informations
Contact Informations
FRIDMAN Wolf-Herman 
01 53 10 04 00
Physical address
15 rue de l'Ecole de médecine 75006 Paris

Laboratory's mail
Mailing address
Centre de recherche des Cordeliers
15 rue de l'Ecole de médecine 75006 Paris

Communications Contact
CREMISI Chantal 
01 42 34 68 32
Administrative Contact


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