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The Science of the Universe Observatory - Ecce Terra

The Science of the Universe Observatory (OSU) "Ecce Terra" in the center of Paris was established in early 2011.

It brings together laboratories working in the fields of the Earth's environment, covering the depths of the Earth, the ocean, land surface, the atmosphere, and ecology. The OSU maintains observation services, databases, platforms and technical modeling tools common to all laboratories owned by Sorbonne Université or its partners. Some of them are national tools, open to the international scientific community.

The main challenges are the coupling between the physical and biological mechanisms in soils and oceans, the Earth system’s functioning, resources and risks in the environment. The greatest challenge of the OSU is to move from a "climate change research" approach to "the study of global change."

Important environmental concerns, scientific issues and the risks that must be managed involve interdisciplinary work combining observations and modeling in different environments (atmosphere, ocean, land surface, soil depth and health).

In addition, the knowledge and impact (current or past) of anthropogenic alterations (widespread pollution, land use and changes in use, use of resources) make it necessary to take into account many aspects from a variety of disciplines (including ecosystem resilience, adaptability, stress responses, physiology, loss of biodiversity, changes in the functioning of major biogeochemical cycles eco, invasive species, genome evolution) which then need to synergize with the physico-chemical components.

The creation of the OSU "Ecce Terra" enables: 

  • Participation in the environmental research organization;
  • Management of common platforms and the promotion of actions to federate research in the field of observation, as well as the support for activities between laboratories.
  • The offer of trans-disciplinary degree programs to support research and observations activities.

The OSU Ecce Terra is directed by Laurence Eymard.

Katherine Tyrka - 02/01/18

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