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The Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP) - UMS 839

Research activities:

The Institut Henri Poincaré, last century’s center of mathematics and theoretical physics, is affiliated with Sorbonne Université and the CNRS. The IHP is a privileged meeting place for the world of mathematics and theoretical physics and organizes top-level courses, symposia and seminars (Bourbaki seminar, Poincaré seminar). It also hosts meetings of major national and international authorities. One of the IHP’s main missions is to organize, in conjunction with the Centre Emile Borel, quarterly or half-yearly programs on topics relating to various aspects of mathematics and theoretical physics. The choice of topics is made by the “IHP Scientific Programming Board”, whose composition and operational rules are defined in the IHP’s statutes as an “école interne”. These programs attract the world’s top specialists in the subject for stays of anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

A few recent highlights:

Not only does the institute provide an exceptional meeting place dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics, it is also home to pluridisciplinary research programs. The January to April, 2006 quarter, “quantum information, computation and complexity”, brought together scientists from very different backgrounds: theoretical physicians, atomic physicians and computer scientists working on new quantum cryptography algorithms. The quarterly program on ultracold atoms (April to July, 2007) assembled theoretical physicians and experimenters working on Bose condensation and its applications in metrology with the participation of 5 Nobel Prize winners.

International cooperation:

In the mathematics and theoretical physics community, the Institut Henri Poincaré is considered to be one of the main top-level conference centers, on a par with the Isaac Newton Institute of Cambridge or Berkeley’s Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. This is proven by the recent partnership with the Isaac Newton Institute, which not only helps to develop the IHP’s international reputation, but enables a better coordination of scientific programs. By participating on the scientific programming boards of both institutes, the directors are able to keep track of the projects’ development.

The Institut Henri Poincaré is a member of ERCOM (European Research Centres on Mathematics) and of IMSI (International Mathematical Sciences Institutes), which federate the main research centers of comparable activity at European and international level (usually 1 or 2 per country).

The Institut Henri Poincaré obtained the funding for mathematics and physics scholarships under the 6th Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP6) Marie Curie plan. This plan aims to develop the mobility of young researchers at the start of their doctoral study and to facilitate skills transfer. It is an extremely selective program at the European level, especially in the disciplines concerned here. The IHP was able to benefit from the Marie Curie plan after highlighting its infrastructure (library, offices) and the scientific quality of the reunions it organizes. The program funded the 3-month stays of 18 young researchers.

Doctoral Schools:

Doctoral training is one of the IHP’s principle concerns and it hosts numerous doctoral classes associated with the different Parisian universities. These doctoral classes are also organized in conjunction with the Centre Emile Borel. The classes are scheduled at the start of each quarter and may be followed by D1 level students. They are validated by:
- l’école doctorale de mathématiques de Paris Centre (Central Paris Doctoral School of Mathematics, ED386)
- l'école doctorale de physique (Doctoral School of Physics, ED107).

Coming programs:

- Ricci curvature and Ricci flow (G. Besson, J.L. Lott, G.Tian)
- Interacting particle systems, statistical mechanics and probability theory (P ; Ferrari, F ; Martinelli, P. Picco, E. Saada, R. Fernandez).


- Academics: 2 permanent part-time (director and assistant director) + 30 guest professors (subsidized by Sorbonne Université, UDD and U-PSUD) per year
- Researchers: 6 CNRS-affiliated researchers per year
- Research support staff: 17
- Doctoral students: 18 Marie Curie (Early Stage Training) scholarship holders per year

Main equipment: The Henri Poincaré Institute has at its disposal the historic "Hermite" and "Darboux" lecture theatres (150 and 80 seats respectively) complete with multimedia equipment; six class or meeting rooms (of 15-35 seats) with fixed video projectors; and a computer room (5 posts).

Supervising bodies: Sorbonne Université (principal), CNRS


- address: 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75231 Paris Cedex 05
- website: http://www.ihp.jussieu.fr/

Director: dric Villani

Assistant Director: Jorge Kurchan

Head of administration: Carine Klein - carine.klein @ ihp.fr, tél. 01 44 27 62 71

Katherine Tyrka - 02/01/18

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