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Unit for Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Complex Systems - UMMISCO

UMMISCO, under joint IRD-Sorbonne Université control, is built around the former Geode unit of the IRD and its partner teams in France, Africa and South-east Asia.


This mixed international unit brings a stable and sustainable framework to an already well-established dynamic of exchanges, which are now easier to organize. The thematic applications in modeling research conducted in this "joint laboratory" are linked to the major scientific priorities of the IRD. The understanding of the natural, social or epidemiological phenomena of today’s world is becoming increasingly critical for making economic and political decisions. The sciences of complexity are therefore undergoing rapid development motivated, in particular, by global issues (ecology, public health, social stability) which, as a consequence of globalization, concern both industrialized and developing countries.


Daring to model complex systems, whose behavior at a given scale is the product of interactions between a large number of entities at a smaller scale, is a major challenge that UMMISCO meets without pretension.

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Developing tools for modeling complex systems:


Development of mathematical modeling methods

Development of computer modeling methods

Implementing the tools of systems modeling


Emerging Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology and Health


Climate change and natural hazards

Ecosystems and natural resources

Bioeconomic and social models


Mathematical and computer modeling of complex natural, biological or social systems, development of new methods of computer and mathematical modeling, development of thematic application, emerging infectious diseases, climate change and natural hazards, ecosystems and natural resources

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Contact Informations
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