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Intelligent systems and robotics institute - FRE 2507

The ISIR is a multidisciplinary research laboratory which brings together research scientists and lecturers from the disciplines of mechanics, automatics, signal processing and computer science. It is associated to the Science and Technology of Information and Engineering (STII) department of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).


The ISIR was created on January 1, 2007 by the unification of three Sorbonne Université teams from the engineering department:


  • The entire Paris Robotics Laboratory
  • The Perception and Connectionist Networks group of the Île de France Instruments and Systems laboratory (LISIF)
  • The AnimatLab team of the Paris 6 Computer Science Laboratory (LIP 6)

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The research undertaken at the ISIR is particularly geared to emerging applications of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in the fields of life sciences and biomedical sciences, or is related to neuroscience and cognitive science. In general, it concentrates on the modeling, analysis and design of dynamical systems and perception systems. This research gives rise to basic studies that are often associated with experimental developments.

Teams and research themes

Interactive Systems

AGATHE group – Assistance to Gesture with Application to THErapy

Assistance aux Gestes et Applications THErapeutiques

MAP group – Manipulate, Analyse, Perceive on the nano- and microscopic scales

Manipuler, Analyser Percevoir les échelles nano et microscopiques


Perception and Movement

Artificial Perception and Disabilities group

“Movement” group: dynamic control of redundant systems under constraint


Mobile and Autonomous Integrated Systems

Development of highly mobile and autonomous robots

Graduate Schools
  • ED 391 – Mechanics, Acoustics, Electronics, Paris
  • ED 130 - EDITE: Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics of Paris
  • Master of Engineering
    - RP: Robotics and Production theory
    - SSIR: Signals, Systems, Images and Robotics
Contact Informations
Contact Informations
BIDAUD Philippe
01 44 27 51 21
Physical address
Campus Jussieu
Pyramide, Tour 56/55
4 place Jussieu - 75005 Paris

Laboratory's mail

Mailing address
Pyramide - Tour 55
Boîte courrier 173
4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris cedex 05

Communications Contact
VIÉ Michèle
01 44 27 51 41
Administrative Contact
DAVID Pascale
01 44 27 51 31


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