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Paris 6 computer science laboratory - UMR 7606

LIP6 is a research laboratory jointly run by Sorbonne Université and the CNRS. With 128 full time researchers and 231 PhD students, it is one of the main computer science research laboratories in France, and the biggest computer science laboratory in the Paris region.


A few figures:

- 12 patents

- 36 systems or items of software distributed on the internet or by corporate agreement.

- 300 scientific publications per year

- 50 theses defended per year


The laboratory covers a broad spectrum of activities grouped into 5 departments: Scientific Computing; Decision, Intelligent Systems and Operations Research, Data and Artificial Learning; Networks and Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems.


In addition to academic research, LIP6 has a long tradition of cooperation with industrial partners in many national, European or international projects.


Two R & D centers have been established: CERME, European Center for Research in Micro-Electronics on embedded systems, and Euronetlab on the internet and telecommunications networks.


LIP6 is also involved in Paris regional business clusters: Cap Digital on digital content and System@ic on embedded systems.


It also shares joint teams with INRIA on the themes of symbolic computation and distributed systems. International cooperation is a constant for the laboratory’s activities.


LIP6 is a member of several top class networks and also maintains relationships with universities in Brazil, the United States, Japan and many European countries. The laboratory encourages collaborative projects and hosting visiting scientists. The laboratory is involved in research-related teaching, delivered through Sorbonne Université’s Master of Science and Technology.

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databases, information systems, algebraic computation, algorithms, complexity, automata, scientific computation, electronic design automation, modeling, optimization, EAO, electronic and optoelectronic components, knowledge, electronic circuits and systems, micro-nano systems, software engineering, image, speech, vision, information and com: new technologies and documentation systems, computer science, real-time computing, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, modeling of complex systems, mathematical modeling and simulation, new technologies, parallelism, distributed systems, communications networks and graphs, cognitive science, statistics, systems, components, technology and society.

Teams and research themes
  • “Networks and Distributed Systems” Department: internet of the future, mobile and ambient networks, large scale distributed systems and grids, peer to peer, fault tolerance, distributed and interoperable software components.
  • "Embedded systems-on-a-chip" Department: systems-on-a-chip, design of multiprocessor embedded systems, embedded operating systems, design of digital analog components, verification, compilation.
  • “Data and Machine Learning" Department: machine learning, statistics and symbolics, distributed databases, text and multimedia information retrieval, interfaces, user interaction and modeling, semantic web.
  • “Decision, Intelligent Systems and Operations Research" Department: scheduling and combinatorial optimization, decision support, multi-criteria and collective decisions, multi-agent systems, interactive environments for human learning.
  • "Scientific Computation" Department: numerical analysis, numerical quality of major codes for scientific computing, algebraic computation, solution of large algebraic systems, cryptography.
Graduate Schools

Our PhD students are hosted by EDITE (Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics of Paris doctoral school).

Contact Informations
Contact Informations
01 44 27 87 36
Physical address
LIP 6 - Tour 26
(Equipe SYEL Tour 65
Equipes ALSOC et CIAN : Maison de la pédagogie)
Sorbonne Université, 4 place Jussieu
75005 Paris

Laboratory's mail
Mailing address

Communications Contact

Administrative Contact

Chantal Perrichon
Patrick Gallinari


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