International master in brain and mind sciences - DUAL MASTER

International master in brain and mind sciences - DUAL MASTER

This two-year research master program is offered in partnership between University College London, Sorbonne Université, and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. The program is internationally orientated and aims to provide individually tailored, multidisciplinary education in a broad range of topics in Neurosciences.

In each year, students design their individual course of study by choosing taught modules and research projects according to their interest within the Brain and Mind Sciences. The high quality and broad range of teaching and research at the three partner institutions allows in depth academic exploration of these interests and provides the opportunity to gain considerable research experience. Successful graduates have a solid basis for further doctoral/academic studies.

During the first year of the master, students undertake the Brain and Mind Sciences MSc at University College London. Students follow a curriculum that includes theoretical courses (chosen from topics in clinical neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, among others), a library project and a research project that is carried out in a UCL laboratory. Upon successful completion of this year, a student is awarded an MSc in Brain and Mind Sciences from UCL.

The second year of the master is integrated into the Neuroscience specialization of the ‘Master de Biologie Intégrative et Physiologie’ at Sorbonne University. During this year the students follow taught courses at Sorbonne University and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. They carry out a 6-month research project in a neuroscience- or cognitive science-related research laboratory in the Paris region. Upon successful completion of the second year, the student is awarded a Master from Sorbonne University.

Please note:

  • This program begins at the M1 level, and applications are assessed during the previous spring (i.e. during the L3 year).
  • The UCL website gives basic information on deadlines, fees, and other information.
    Candidates for the Dual Masters should have a Licence/BSc in Life Sciences, Cognitive Science, or Psychology.  You will be required to demonstrate that you have at least some background in cellular neurobiology.
  • Proof of competence in English is required.
    All teaching during Year 1 at UCL is in English.  Most courses in Year 2 will be taught in English if non-French speakers are enrolled.
  • Applications are made through the UCL website.

Documents necessary for application:

  • CV
  • all previous academic transcripts, with a clear explanation of the grading system, and an official university translation
  • personal statement explaining your motivation for this particular 2-year program
  • proof of competence in English
  • a reference letter from a professor or lab supervisor who knows you and your work sufficiently well


Program's directors

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University College London

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