Supporting enterprising scientists

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Supporting enterprising scientists

There is no linear route from the laboratory and its inventions to the market and its innovations. Rather, we are dealing with an ecosystem where all stakeholders interact via dynamics imposed by their goals and the context in which they evolve.

Sorbonne University and its faculty are at the heart of an environment of innovation that enables it to work with different players, intervening in a variety of ways in the world of industry and in society.

We work with SATT Lutech, a structure dedicated to accelerating and facilitating technology transfer, the Quadrivium seed funding initiative, various incubators, as well as a dense network of start-ups, innovative companies and industrial groups. These actors interact not by following an unchanging predefined pattern but by adapting flexibly to the needs of the moment.

Innovation drivers involve the entire university community including students, researchers and teachers. They meet and develop their projects in different places, notably the FabLab, a space dedicated to reflection and interdisciplinary creation and innovation for stuents, and the SATT Lutech for companies, researchers and teachers with business creation projects. We also maintain privileged links with several incubators which are the essential stepping stone to the market, whether that of products or investors.