Computer Science

Driving future innovations and spurring collaborative partnerships

Our research activities in computer science not only involve articulating the fundamental with the applied, but also the interdisciplinary work between computing as a subject to be conceived and realised (algorithmic, architecture, optimisation, etc.) and calculation as a principle for approaching different subjects (cognition, medicine, robotics, etc.).

Computer science has become, on the one hand, a scientific subject in its own right from which original and specific problems arise, and, on the other hand, a method for dealing scientifically with problems shared with other disciplines. 

Hosting the very first computer science research units founded in France, we are committed players in the digital revolution and in a broad spectrum of research into computer science. Our teams are also involved and invested in research in the field of artificial intelligence through actively supporting the launching of the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI). The research we carry today combines the most fundamental developments driving future innovations with a transfer activity, in both socio-economic sectors and other scientific disciplines. We contribute, in this sense, to :

>> Finding solutions to the challenges posed by the emergence of quantum technologies, both material and algorithmic, with a particular focus on securing communications;
>> Building hardware architectures, whether it is a case of optimising them or coming up with the next generations;
>> Conceiving systems and networks and in doing so taking into account the increased reliability and robustness of their major software infrastructures that is becoming a crucial issue in a heterogeneous context characterised by data mobility and the multiplication of communication channels.

The management of uncertainties, the reliability of calculations, and the transition to scale are becoming increasingly vital and require research in algorithms and optimisation. We are committed today to investigating how computer science as a paradigm allows us to revisit or understand learning theories, decision theories, logical models for reasoning and knowledge; multi-agent architectures and models being all complementary approaches aimed at tackling problems relating to cognition, social or economic modelling, etc.

Computer science is one of the research areas at the Faculty of Science & Engineering.

Research Units | Computer Science

Institut des systèmes intelligents et de robotique
Laboratoire d'informatique de Sorbonne Université

Laboratoire de biologie computationnelle et quantitative

Sciences et technologies de la musique et du son

Laboratoire d'informatique médicale et d'ingénierie des connaissances en e-santé

Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics

Research Federations Supporting the Activities of Our Research Units

  1. Institut des sciences du calcul et des données (ISCD)
  2. Paris Center for Quantum Computing (PCQC)