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With 14 research units and two academic departments, the school of chemistry is one of France’s most important centres of expertise in the field. Thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and resources, it represents more than 350 permanent and non-permanent teacher-researchers, 150 full-time researchers and more than 250 technical and administrative staff members. The research laboratories are organized into 4 research federations focused on molecular chemistry, chemistry of materials, physical and theoretical chemistry, analytical and biological chemistry and chemical physics.

Sorbonne University is strongly committed to a transdisciplinary approach in tackling the grand challenges in the fields of ecology, earth and environmental sciences. Our school aims at generating and delivering the knowledge needed to manage natural environments and resources. The range of the topics we investigate include, among others, the climate, global changes and the functioning of our planet and its ecosystems.

The School of Engineering brings together the faculty’s staff whose training and research activities cover the fields of computer science, electronics, mechanics, energy and robotics. Combining 14 research units and 4 academic departments, it fosters approaches that are in line with the new strategies set out to ensure research development and interdisciplinarity in the fields of mechanics, computer science, electronics and robotics while focusing closely on intergrated systems engineering.

The School of Life Sciences provides comprehensive, highly valued, fundamental and multidisciplinary trainings and research opportunities to its students and researchers. The courses designed by its academic departments are meant to enable biology students and aspiring young researchers of the field to integrate the biology master’s programmes of Sorbonne University or any other university. By acquiring fundamental concepts and learning methodological tools, this educational approach also aims at providing future graduates with the tools needed to adapt to the different professional situations they will encounter. The school also offers one of the best academic programmes in France for the agrégation (highest teaching diploma for aspiring secondary and university teachers) and the CAPES (secondary-school teaching diploma for aspiring secondary school teachers).

The School of Mathematics is a world-class centre of excellence, disseminating high-level expertise and contributing with significant advances to the field of pure and applied mathematics. It combines 2 academic departments and 3 research units. Thanks to its high research and teaching potential, it continues to attract many mathematicians from around the world who join our community with the aim of attending our programmes, completing their training and contributing to the advancement of mathematical knowledge. From  undergraduate and graduate students to PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and renowned researchers, our school is committed to catalysing ground-breaking research in all major areas of the field.

The School of Physics combines two academic departments, 17 research units and two research federations. The teams are involved in collaborations with major scientific and technical institutions of the Paris region as well as with the most respected European organizations for the advancement of science and research in the field (e.g. the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, among others). Its research and teaching potential in fundamental and applied physics makes the school one of the most important centres of expertise in France and in Europe that continue to attract physicists from around the world: doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, well-known researchers and many students who come to acquire academic and professional training or to participate in research programmes.



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