Sorbonne University's Faculty of Science & Engineering, key figures that drive us forward.

The Faculty in Numbers

What drives us forward

Each year, the Faculty of Science and Engineering seeks feedback from it students. Undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates are invited to answer several surveys which help the faculty gauge their opinions, gain insights into their achievements, incite them to engage in formulating their learning goals and expectations and monitor their study progress.

The Faculty of Science & Engineering | Key Figures

  • 72 Research units
  • 22 Research federations
  • 3 Marine stations in : Banyuls-sur-Mer, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Roscoff
  • 2 Institutes: the Paris Institute of Astrophysics (IAP) - the Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP)
  • 6 Schools : Chemistry - Earth, Environment, Biodiversity - Engineering - Life Sciences - Mathematics - Physics
  • 22 Academic departments & 1 academic institute
  • 1 engineering school: Polytech Sorbonne
  • 22,000 students
  • 2,500 doctoral students
  • 3,000 staff members

The faculty as seen by its students

  • 94% of students are satisfied with the faculty’s courses and academic programmes.
  • 90% of students are satisfied with the quality of teaching.

  • 79% of students are satisfied with the faculty’s campus life.

  • 92% of students would recommend Sorbonne University to their peers.

International mobility

  • 74% of foreign students rate their welcome upon arrival either “good” or “excellent”.
  • 95% of students who completed an internship abroad were satisfied with their experience.

  • 94% of undegraduates who completed a study placement abroad have reported that their experience was intellectually fulfilling.

Learning environments and career success

Undergraduate & graduate students | Bachelor’s

  • 83% of undergraduates (L1 = Year 1) rate the guidance and support provided upon their arrival either « useful » or « very useful ».

  • 94% of graduates are satisfied with the undergraduate programme they attended.

  • 92% of graduates pursue further studies the year following graduation.

  • 87% of graduates were accepted into their first choice postgraduate programmes.

  • 90% of graduates who pursue further education feel that they have been properly trained to do so.

  • 87% of graduates (professional bachelor’s) are employed within a 30-month period after graduation.

Postgraduate students | Master’s

  • 95% of  postgraduates are employed within a 30-month period after graduation.

  • 98% of postgraduates have access to first employment.

  • 69% of postgraduates who are employed (non-PhD students) are on a permanent contract or on a civil servant contract and were employed within a 30-month period after graduation.

  • 2 542€ net per month is the average monthly net salary for postgraduates on permanent contracts signed within a 30-month period after graduation.

  • 92% of postgraduates are engineers, executives, liberal professionals or grade-A civil servants.

  • 94% of postgraduates express career interest in the missions entrusted to them.

  • 92% of postgraduates are satisfied with their job responsibilities.

Sources & Contact

Centre for Assessments and Surveys
Faculty of Science & Engineering, Sorbonne University

*Graduate Outcomes Survey, conducted with bachelor’s graduates (class of 2018) 12 months after their graduation.
*Graduate Employment Survey, conducted with professional bachelor’s and master’s graduates (class of 2017)  30 months after their graduation.
*Student Learning Environment Survey, conducted with undergraduates and postgraduates at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Bachelor’s and Master’s) .