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Séminaire Culturchem | Cédric Plesse "Electronic conducting polymers and ionic conducting polymers..."

  • Le 28 Mar. 2022

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Séminaire
  • Sorbonne Université campus Pierre et Marie Curie
    Amphi Astier Bâtiment Esclangon

Dans le cadre des séminaires CulturChem ED406

Cédric Plesse  (Laboratoire de Physicochimie des Polymères et des Interfaces (LPPI - EA 2528)  Cergy-Pontoise)
présentera une conférence intitulée

"Electronic conducting polymers and ionic conducting polymers for electroactive materials"

Abstract : Electroactive Polymers (EAPs) belong to the group of smart materials which respond to an electrical stimulus by undergoing large deformations and can therefore be used in biomimetic systems. Electronic conducting polymers (ECP) based actuators have several advantages compared to conventional actuators, including, light weight, biocompatibility and low-operating voltage. Their actuation principle relies of ECP volume variation induced by ion exclusion/expulsion when submitted to a redox process. It is then possible to convert electrochemical energy into volume variation of CP electrodes and then to convert electrical energy into mechanical work. Moreover ECP based ionic devices can operate in a reverse mode and generate electrical signal in response to mechanical stimulation. In the growing field of soft electronics, they could then fulfill tasks non possible with stiff classical technology and arise as promising candidates for the development of artificials muscles and soft Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

In this presentation, the synthesis and optimization of the basic components of such devices, i.e. conducting polymer electrodes and ionic conducting materials will be described as well as how macromolecular chemistry can be a powerful tool to develop on demand new applications, from microrobotics to biomedical devices.