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Séminaire Culturchem | Sébastien Goeb "Supramolecular transformations from self-assembled cages"

  • Le 07 Mar. 2022

  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Séminaire
  • Sorbonne université campus Pierre et Marie Curie
    Amphi Astier bâtiment Esclangon

Dans les cadres des séminaires CulturChem ED406

Sébastien Goeb (Université d'Angers)

présentera une conférence intitulée :
"Supramolecular transformation from self-assembled cages"

Abstract. Coordination driven self-assembly has allowed the preparation of many molecular polygons and polyhedrons with remarkable properties. They are obtained by association of polytopic ligands and complexes showing a pre-organized geometry. The corresponding host cavities offer promising opportunities for applications in molecular recognition or even in guest transport. We focused our attention for several years in the design of electro-active self-assembled 2D and 3D discrete structures based on the tetrathiafulvalene unit (TTF) and derivatives (exTTF and DTF for example) with the aim of controlling the guest release thanks to a electrochemical stimulus. We are also interested in understanding the key parameters governing the formation of an emergent class of coordination assemblies, i.e. interlocked cages. We believe that such compact objects could offer promising opportunities in controlling the structural organization of donor and acceptor units. For example, we demonstrated recently that truxene based ligands, associated with dinuclear ruthenium or rhodium complexes can produce this type of compact interlocked systems.