Sport & Fitness

Through challenging yourself and doing your best, you can surpass your limits and experience and sustain the joy of effort. By signing up to our courses or playing as part of our teams, we offer you the opportunity to:

  • maximise your performance,
  • hone and refine your athletic abilities,
  • master balance, coordination, perception, action and dynamism.
Sport & Fitness

In the Spirit of Finishers, a Community on the Move

As a powerful vehicle for personal growth and cultural exchange, sport has been at the heart of societies, featuring in the education curriculum of citizens since ancient times. Throughout history, it has reflected the humanist values of fairness, tolerance, diversity, solidarity and excellence.

Our community is keen to keep the flame lit and to maintain these high standards in championing tomorrow’s experts and leaders. There are nearly 50 types of sports available at the university. They include individual and team sports for all, adaptive sports and competitive sports for student athletes and performance enthusiasts. Face-to-face and remote classes, training camps, and accredited courses are also available, depending on the period of year and the training programmes.