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Healthcare insurance in France

Student background Necessary procedures to be completed
Non-European students arriving in France for the next academic year and residents of France's overseas collectivities (* Wallis and Futuna)

Registering for healthcare insurance is mandatory. Registration is free of charge and completed online.

  • Step 1: log in to the website of social security registration and register (you can watch the tutorial).
  • Step 2: create your account on to track your reimbursements and find additional information (once registered, your medical fees are reimbursed up to 60%).
Non-European students already registered You don't need to complete any process.
European students

If you hold the citizenship of a country from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you don't need to register in the French healthcare insurance system (sécurité sociale). You have access to medical care in France with your European Health Insurance Card. This card must be requested in your country of origin and must be valid until at least the end of the academic year.

Subscribing to a mutuelle helps you top up the reimbursements of your medical expenses (the 30% not covered by the basic social security scheme).

Taking out a mutuelle is not mandatory, but highly recommended to safeguard your health and your budget.

There are two student complementary health insurance (or mutuelles étudiantes):

They have branches near the Jussieu campus and all over France, which you can visit to find all the information you need to compare the different guarantees on offer. It is important to check that health insurance you choose offers a civil liability valid for both your private and student life. That way, you'll be covered on your place of study and the place of your internship.

Healthcare services at Sorbonne University

Do you need an urgent or nursing care, health advice, emergency contraception, etc.?
Nurses are available in the infirmary from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

You can make appointments with general practitioners and specialists at the University's Health Division (the Service universitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santé, or SUMPPS). Some visits are free, including for contraception, testing, vaccinations, nutrition and psychological monitoring.This service also hosts health information and promotion activities. Its staff can be found on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus on a regular basis.
Book an appointment

*You can also get contact information for a doctor and make an appointment online on the website

We help you and support you throughout your time at university with individual, confidential assistance.
For more information, visit our Disability Resources page.

emergency numbers

  • 112, European emergency number
  • 15, Emergency Medical Service
    (Service d’aide médicale urgente, or SAMU)
  • 18, Fire Brigade
  • 3624, House-call doctor service
    Available 24/7