Picture of a glass globe reflecting the view behind upside down. The view consists of dark rock by the sea on the foreground, as the sun sets in the background on a clear orange sky./ Photo d'un globe qui reflète le paysage derrière de façon inversé. C'est un paysage de roches sombres en bord de mer lors d'un couché de soleil au ciel dégagé avec une belle couleur orangé sur l'horizon et derrière les quelques nuages présents.

Earth Science

Sorbonne University is firmly committed to a transdisciplinary approach to ecological, environmental and Earth science issues.

The Earth Science programs address all issues related to climate, global changes, the functioning of the planet, biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, and aim to produce the knowledge necessary for the management of environments and natural resources.

Please note that M1 courses (1st year master's) are accessible to exchange students in their 4th year of bachelor's studies, provided they have the necessary prerequisites for this course.