Master of Mechanical Engineering

Sorbonne Université's Master of Mechanics aims to train experts in the study of mechanical systems, both in their fundamental aspects and in their applications.The program places particular emphasis on analytical modeling and numerical simulation. Experimental methods of observation and characterization also play important roles.

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The Master of Mechanics sprepare students for careers as Research and Development-oriented engineers in one of the mechanical engineering disciplines: Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Energy & Environment or Acoustics. Graduates also have the skills to continue their training through fundamental or applied research in Mechanics by embarking on a doctoral project.


The Master's degree in Mechanics is a two-year program. It offers a core curriculum to grasp the fundamental knowledge and skills required by all mechanics. At the same time, students choose specialized courses in one of the following areas:

  • Solid mechanics ;
  • Fluid mechanics ;
  • Computational Mechanics;
  • Energy and environment ;
  • Acoustics.

A two- to four-month industrial or research internship is included in the first year. Project-based learning is offered in many teaching units. In the second year, an end-of-studies internship is compulsory. It can be carried out in a laboratory or a company.


Target audience and prerequisites

For entry into 1ère year: holders of a BAC +3 diploma (general bachelor's degree or equivalent) in mechanics, physics or mathematics.

For entry into the second year: holders of a BAC +4 or 5 diploma (Master 1, other Master's degree, engineering diploma or equivalent).

A solid background in mechanics, physics or mathematics is required. Admission is based on an application and interview.


Job opportunities

Graduates' sectors of activity :

  • Land and air transport industry,
  • Energy industry,
  • Building and construction industry,
  • Materials and structures industry,
  • Design offices and engineering service companies,
  • Academic research.

After completing the master's program, most graduates go on to work as engineers.

  • 80% are recruited in industry;
  • 20% go on to a doctorate;
  • 97% have a job (fixed-term or permanent) three months after completing their course;
  • 24% are recruited by the company where they did their M2 internship;
  • 22% are recruited after posting their CV on the Internet;
  • 63% are recruited by very large companies;
  • 26% are recruited by SMEs.