Polytech Sorbonne

Polytech Sorbonne is an engineering school within Sorbonne Université. As a member of Polytech, a network of 15 public schools throughout France, Polytech Sorbonne respects and applies the values shared with all Polytech schools:

  • Excellence and creativity
  • Respect and openness
  • Anticipation and team spirit
  • Responsibility and transparency

With links to major companies and laboratories involved in research and innovation, Polytech Sorbonne aims to offer its students the best career prospects in various fields.

To further its responsible approach, Polytech Sorbonne, with the close involvement of its student associations, regularly organises actions and events with the aim of raising awareness and awakening engineering students to the major social and environmental causes.

Please note that M1 courses (1st year master's) are accessible to exchange students in their 4th year of bachelor's studies, provided they have the necessary prerequisites for this course.

Polytech Sorbonne