A dynamic discipline

Our research activities in mechanics include, among others, the study of the effects of fires in microgravity inside spaceships, the reconstruction of the sound of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in order to restore its acoustics, the ultrasonic characterisation of bone quality and the development of robots for medical assistance.

Mechanics is defined as "science on a human scale", as many of the problems it deals with are inspired by major societal issues: the environment, transport, energy, health, culture and defence, having a direct link with several of the institutes of Sorbonne University.

Our research units occupy a unique place in the French and international mechanical engineering landscape. All main fields of mechanics are represented: fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, acoustics and robotics.

The research carried out is at the heart of the discipline of mechanics or interacts strongly with applied mathematics, physics, biology and health. In the same vein, there are strong links with the world of industry and with the socio-economic world, generating completed research that feeds on more fundamental research. 

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Physique et mécanique des milieux hétérogènes
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