Master in Integrative Biology and Physiology

This version of the Master's page in English is exclusively for foreign students wishing to enrol in the master's programme.
French students must follow the procedure on the BIP master's page in French.

The objective of the Master is to train high-level specialists in the most recent concepts of integrative biology. The master trains students to understand the mechanisms underlying the various physiological and pathological functions from the cell to the body, in animals or humans. Beyond scientific knowledge, it allows the acquisition of transversal, conceptual and methodological skills, necessary for professional integration and / or the pursuit of doctoral studies.

This Master's programme comprises 6 national and 4 international tracks. The choice of track is made at the end of the first semester of the first year (M1S1).






Administrative information

Depending on your situation, you must apply using the correct procedure, otherwise your application will not be considered.

  • Students with the citizenship of an EU country :

To apply for the first year of a Masters course, you must use Monmaster platform

To apply for the second year of a Masters course, you must use E-candidat platform. You will find more details on the procedure in this guide.

  • Exiled students

You must fill the DAA and contact the Master's secretariat

To apply for the first or second year of a Masters course, you must use the Etudes en France platform.

  • The other students have to contact the Master's secretariat before the application.

You can find the contact details of the various tracks administrators in the "Department" tab below.

There are two steps : the first one is the administrative registration (June/July) and the second one is the educational registration (September). You can find more details (deadlines and supporting documentation) about the procedure on this webpage.

1. The administrative registration for the 2024-2025 academic year will start at the end of June / beginning of July.

Important : During your registration, you need to pay your fees (CVEC + registration fees). You won't be able to access IT tools (Moodle, email, Drop SU...) until you've completed your registration.

  • CVEC = 103€ (2024-2025). The price may change slightly from one year to the next. More info here.
  • Registration fees :

Depending on your situation, you can have different tuition rights and fees. To find out more about your situation, visit this website. In 2023-2024 Sorbonne Université did not apply the rule of differentiated tuition fees and rights.

-> If you are not subject to the differentiated tuition rates  (national of a member country of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland etc.), your tuition fees will be :  250€

-> If you are subject to the differentiated tuition rates (a national of a non-EU members), your tuition fees are still 250€.

*Important : Fees for non-EU students were the same as for other students for 2023-2024, but this may change next year. Stay tuned for the University's decision at the end of the current academic year via this webpage.

*Important : It is recommended that students take out civil liability insurance for the entirety of the academic year, as this will be necessary for the second semester work placement. Further information on this can be found below in the section entitled "Useful Information".

2. Educational information

  • Calendar

M1 : Courses will start from the beginning of September, look the tab "plannings" on the webpage of the 1st year of Master's degree.

M2 : The start date depends on the tracks and it will be communicated after your registration. If you need it before, please contact the track administrator or the relevant professor.

  • Courses that can be taught in English M1 and M2 : here

A list of the courses taught in English for each national track, accompanied by a brief description, can be found on this webpage of the master's programme.

*Important : Before your educational registration (at the beginning of the year), you must check whether your course can be taught in English and your exam conducted in English.

International students can find more information about registration on the Sorbonne University website.

Information on enrolment will be given to you at your back-to-school meeting. The date of this meeting will be communicated to you once you have been selected by the Master's programme.

Useful information : here

In this document produced by the Master's programme, you will find all the information you need to settle in and make sure your academic year goes well.
The main purpose of this document is to provide you with information to help you with administrative and other procedures.

For further assistance, international students can consult the welcome desk website.

The figures on professional integration provided by Insersup (Ministry of Higher Education and Research) on MM concern only: salaried employment in France of graduates of French nationality, aged under 30 at the time of graduation and who have never interrupted their studies for more than two years between the baccalauréat and the master's degree or professional licence for which they are being surveyed.
The following are therefore not taken into account: employees abroad, self-employed workers (auto-entrepreneurs, self-employed, liberal professions), inactive people (sabbatical year, civic service, continuing studies, etc.), employees over 30.

Students enter the job market after completing M2, continuing their studies in a doctoral programme or continuing their studies to acquire dual skills.

The main sectors in which our graduates are recruited are the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, commerce, regulatory agencies, human health and social action, specialised scientific and technical activities, service activities, local authorities, research and teaching.

Read more about the survey here

BIP Master's department


Director of the Master's BIP
Pr Isabelle Limon

Deputy Director of the Master's BIP
Hedi Soula

Director of Studies
Pr Sonia Karabina


Address and opening hours

Sorbonne Université
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Département du Master BIP
9, quai Saint Bernard - Case courrier 118
Bâtiment C - 1er étage- Bureau 105
75252 Paris cedex 05

Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Master's secretariat

Administrative manager
Marine Catrice
Tel. : 01 44 27 32 06

M1 pedagogical administor
Laurence Bonnet-Lericque
Tel. : 01 44 27 23 89

Pedagogical administrator for the M2 Neurosciences, VL, BS, iMIND, IMOV and DUAL tracks.
Veronique De Surirey
Tel. : 01 44 27 47 76

Pedagogical administrator for international mobility and the M2 PPH track
Elodie Kovacic
Tel. : 01 44 27 23 81

Pedagogical administrator for the M2 NQS track
Franziska Bahr
Tel. : 01 44 27 23 89