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Thriving with a sense of unity

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Prithika Pavade

High-level table tennis player and natural sciences student

I am lucky to have the status of a high-level athlete, which offers me solutions to achieve this dual sporting and academic project under the best conditions possible.

Corinne Aubert

First Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Sorbonne University

Diversity is a strength for scientific research.

Nicolas Bernardi

Life sciences student and high-level archer

Beyond the competition, my main objective is to fully enjoy this event that only happens once in a lifetime.

Agathe Girard

Life sciences student and sniper

Finding a balance between studies and sports takes time and commitment.

Alex Lanier

Badista and student of formal sciences

My year is punctuated by training periods and tournaments around the world

Elisa Caberlotto

Research as a profession

Take the time to see what you like. This is your future.

Camille Lutz

Table tennis player and computer science student

I want to have as much fun as possible if I qualify for the Olympics, because I know that this is how I play my best table tennis.

Jian-Sheng Sun

Co-leader of the SOUND project's "Global Approach to Health" thematic program

The SOUND program has an essential role to play in bringing scientific knowledge to society, citizens, decision-makers and socio-economic players.

Emmanuel Gendreau

Co-pilot of the SOUND project's "Sustainable Worlds" thematic program

The SOUND project illustrates what a university should be today.

Caroline Michel d'Annoville

Co-pilot of the thematic program “Societies in change” of the SOUND project

“Our role is both to stimulate dynamic research, to coordinate initiatives and relay them within our communities and the general public.”