Exploring links with physics and computer science

Thanks to its double affiliation with physics and computer science, electronics is a perpetual source of innovation able to meet societal and environmental challenges. It finds its outlets naturally in the various sectors of industry (multi-spectral analysis) and in the fields of health (connected stent), telecommunications (5G solutions), defence (surveillance radar for the exclusive economic zone) and space (specific antennas and electronics on board satellites).

In exploring its natural links with the discipline of physics, electronics aims to develop digital and multi-physical modelling in additition to new methods of analysis.

The goal is to gain a detailed understanding of the complex interactions between waves and matter, and to propose practical and innovative solutions benefiting from:

> the development of nanotechnologies,
> new propagation or radiation structures,
> autonomous or low-power detectors or sensors.

Its likewise natural links with computer science allow it to focus its activities around the concepts of connected objects and the IoT, and to define strategies that ensure connectivity in wireless networks while guaranteeing energy efficiency.

Research Units | Electronics

Génie électrique et électronique de Paris
Institut des systèmes intelligents et de robotique