Societal & Scientific Challenges

Mastering the art of thinking through and across disciplines

While knowledge is structured around concepts and disciplines, some issues do not belong to any particular discipline. These issues represent areas where disciplines confront each other and where research teams join forces to renew the very means and purpose of their research.

Interdisciplinarity is based on strong disciplines that keep reajusting and reassessing their own scopes, thus testing pre-established paradigms and preparing the ground for tomorrow’s breathroughs.

Practising interdisciplinarity means enabling the renewal of disciplines from within. Through the just promotion of capabilities and the acquisition of the needed resources, a spirit of questioning is sustained in the pursuit of the joy of disovery.

From the evolution of knowledge production, to the perpetual inquiry about new scientific methods and practices, our aim in approchaing societies’ grand challenges is to contribute to tackling the issues related to AI, computing and data, environmental transition, engineering for better healthcare in addition to the chalenges posed by preserving cultural heritage.