AI, Computing & Data

Confronting different AIs and different paradigms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered a new era, driven by the rise of machine learning, the emergence of new algorithms, the exponential increase in computing power and the growing accessibility of various data sources. It brings together numerous and very different approaches to dealing with problems that can only be solved with human intelligence.

Our teams aim to bring together different AIs and different paradigms, mobilise them in a wide variety of fields and put them at play and have them communicate and cooperate.

Whether it is a question of information extraction, knowledge representation or decision-making, it is crucial to be able to have mass and qualified data, to mobilise significant computing power, and to propose efficient algorithms, ensuring mastery of the complexity of computing and converging on intelligible and innovative solutions.

While we have the resources and expertise to meet these challenges, being equally invested in climate, health and heritage challenges helps us to get to the heart of the problems raised by data on these issues. It thus becomes possible to create a fruitful dialectic between expertise in data and expertise in AI theories, methods and calculations, for a contribution that is as methodological (proposing better tools and approaches to AI and data manipulation) as it is thematic (enriching knowledge in the relevant fields).