Societies & Clubs

By joining a society or creating a new one, you can:

  • express your creativity,
  • work on group projects,
  • train, explore, discuss & learn,
  • meet new people and above all, have fun!
Societies & Clubs

Throw Yourself Into Campus Life, Join a Society or a Club!

Co-curricular societies

These societies create links between students in the same academic field and are a place to meet, discuss and debate. They provide assistance to their members, factoring in the specific characteristics of each course and listening to the problems encountered by students, from integrating into university life to integrating into the workplace.

Cultural societies

Cultural societies reflect the initiatives of students across a variety of domains, including theatre, dance, photography, music and scientific outreach. Alongside bringing students together, these societies,promote well-being and help develop cross-cutting skills in different areas of expertise. They bring the campus to life and help disseminate scientific culture and knowledge, raising questions and provoking debate.

Solidarity societies

The engagement of citizens is the primary focus of these societies. They promote mutual aid and social cohesion. They encourage citizens to think through a wide range of activities, creating a link between the university environment and the outside world. They also come up with ways to help people in need at local, national and international levels. They carry out numerous humanitarian projects every year.

Student representation societies (students’ unions)

Elected student representatives work on a daily basis to improve your living and studying conditions. They play an active role in providing guidance and advice and contribute to decision-making and university policy.  They attend board meetings and academic councils and are a key contact between the university and its student community.

Sport societies

Sorbonne University’s Sport Association (AS) represents the university in the various student championships and tournaments organised by the French Federation of University Sport (the Fédération française du sport universitaire, or FFSU). There are over 40 individual or team sports to choose from, including a wide range of outdoor sports. By joining the AS, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills, attend sport camps, or take part in university tournaments and competitions. You can also develop a sense of initiative and undertake responsibilities as part of a team, either as head of a section or through a joint project.

Staff Clubs

The aim of staff clubs are to foster the development, creation and organisation of cultural activities for the benefit of the entire university community.

Alumni Clubs

Develop your career, grow your business, collaborate with researchers, accompany our students and bring the alumni network to life !