Housing & Dining

Finding the solutions that best suit your lifestyle and budget

There are numerous options available for finding suitable and good quality accommodation and dining services. Our teams will guide you through procedures as you browse the different possibilities.

Finding an accommodation

Three pieces of advice

  1. Visit student residence halls and meet with their administrators.
  2. House-hunting requires patience. Do not get discouraged. Your efforts will pay off.
  3. Set up email alerts to receive real-time notifications and to stay informed about the latest ads.

>> If you are looking for financial aid and support, make sure you visit our page dedicated to housing assistance (housing section)

You can book your accommodation in student residence halls, in shared flats or from private property landlords. You will find classified housing ads on our housing services platform.Use your university credendials to login in (university username & password).

Book your accommodation at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP), which can provide exclusive accommodation in one of its 40 houses (only for master's students).

You can also find low-rent accommodation in the new student residence halls, which are less than 40 minutes from Sorbonne University campuses. Access to accommodation is based on social criteria, open to both French and foreign grant and non-grant holders, and are allocated for a lease term of one year.

Applications are handled directly by the managers of the new residences :

Private student residence halls:

  • Studefi,
  • Arpej,
  • Fac Habitat,
  • Les Estudines,
  • Studyrama,
  • Aljt,
  • Adele,
  • Logifac,
  • Studelite.

You can book an accommodation based on social criteria on the Crous website.

  1. keep an eye on the opening dates of the housing campaign,.

  2. create a Student Social File or DSE (watch the tutorial),

  3. Once your DSE is created and the campaign launched, you can submit your application.

You can book your accommodation directly from private property landlords. To avoid rental fraud:

  • Crous has introduced a trilateral city housing charter (between Crous, the renter, and the lessor),

  • make sure the contract is signed in the presence of the landlord before you wire money or send a cheque.

  • Intergenerational house sharing with senior citizens. Associations and NGOs in the Paris region will help you find rooms to book for an annual subscription. You will get a private bedroom just for you in exchange for some minor services. (www.leparisolidaire.fr / kaps.afev.org)

  • Flat sharing (www.colocation.fr or www.appartager.fr)

  • Finding a tenancy (http://www.locatme.fr/)


There are a number of restaurants and cafeterias on our campuses where you can socialise, relax, take a break and have something to eat. Learn more on our pages in French.