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Jian-Sheng Sun

Co-leader of the SOUND project's "Global Approach to Health" thematic program

The SOUND program has an essential role to play in bringing scientific knowledge to society, citizens, decision-makers and socio-economic players.

Emmanuel Gendreau

Co-pilot of the SOUND project's "Sustainable Worlds" thematic program

The SOUND project illustrates what a university should be today.

Caroline Michel d'Annoville

Co-pilot of the thematic program “Societies in change” of the SOUND project

“Our role is both to stimulate dynamic research, to coordinate initiatives and relay them within our communities and the general public.”

Yann Douze

Co-pilot of the “Sustainable Worlds” thematic program of the SOUND project

M’impliquer dans le projet SOUND me permet de donner du sens à mon engagement et de défendre une cause qui m'est chère.

Gwendal Fève

Academic Researcher in Physics Awarded an ERC Grant

This grant is a real breath of fresh air so you work with greater peace of mind.

Julien Laurat

Light tamer and quantum memory specialist

We're at a key stage in the scale-up of quantum technology, but one that can only be achieved by working hard in start-ups.

Rania Hussain

Doctoral candidate and entrepreneur at heart

I participated in the European path of the Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management diploma. We all worked on real projects, with real-world solutions. It was very encompassing.

Olivier Chaline

Ocean Historian

Reality is always more complicated than the idea we have of it, but it is more exciting to study.

Hervé Claustre

Marine biogeochemist and committed advocate for making science accessible

Helping young people become aware of how the ocean works is a prerequisite for shaping them into enlightened citizens who understand the issues at stake and the decisions necessary to protect it.

Theophilus Yoel Wiryanto

A Double Major in Mechanics and Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation

Nothing is impossible for those who persevere!