M2 - Second-year Master's degree

SU's master's degree in Physics offers advanced training in the field of physics, from the subatomic to the macroscopic scale, and prepares students for integration either in a research laboratory (thesis, research pathway), in the industrial world (professional pathway), or in teaching careers.

M2 comprises 12 different thematic courses, with either "professional" or "research" goals:

  • International Centre for Fundamental Physics
  • Nuclei, particles, astro-particles and cosmology
  • Astronomy, astrophysics and space engineering
  • Materials science and nano-objects
  • Complex systems
  • Optics and Matter
  • Plasma and fusion physics
  • Nuclear engineering (sandwich course)
  • Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Biological systems and physical concepts
  • Preparing for the agrégation
  • Meteorology Oceanography Climate Engineering for Space observations.
M2 - Second-year Master's degree

These M2 programs are designed to offer students not only expertise in physics, but also a diversified scientific culture, based on curiosity and a desire to learn and understand, with the aim of nurturing a coherent training project. Additionally, these programs provide an introduction to related disciplines where advanced training in physics is highly valued: engineering sciences, environmental and earth sciences, planetary sciences, life sciences.

Drawing on the research expertise of the UFR de Physique (22 laboratories), and on a wide network of industrial partners, a long M2 internship is compulsory for all students. This provides an opportunity to acquire professional experience and contacts, whether in the private sector for an industrial internship, or in the academic world in France or abroad.