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Engineering and Computer Science

… engineering and computer science … the department of engineering brings together in a … are accessible to exchange students in their 4th year of bachelors studies provided they have the necessary …


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Master of Computer Science

… master of computer science … the master of computer science offers a high level … in computer science is primarily intended for holders of a bachelors degree in computer science or an equivalent degree …


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Bachelor’s and Master’s programs

… à sorbonne université etudier à sorbonne université … bachelors and masters programs … choosing sorbonne … from tutoring   … arts languages humanities and social sciences … the faculty of arts and humanities perpetuates a … mathematics physics chemistry biology geosciences mechanics computer science and electronics in bachelors and masters …


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Cryptology, High-Performance Computing and Algorithmics (CCA)

… cryptology highperformance computing and algorithmics cca … the digital security … areas of algorithmics such as formal calculation and computer arithmetic some of the teaching units of the … computing and the main mathematics and computer science specialization of the polytech sorbonne engineering …


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Bio-Informatics and Modeling (BIM)

… biology and medicine create new needs at the interface of computer science and mathematics analysis of complex data and indepth … and applications and it is also aimed at students with a bachelors degree in computer science for the field of …


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Computer Networks (RES)

computer networks res … the networks res program offers a … as network security mobility connected objects and data science for networks the course offers four tracks a … … the res program is mainly aimed at students with a bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent …


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Software Science and Technology (STL)

… software science and technology stl … the software science and … in both the fundamental and technological aspects of computer science the training is focused on learning … … the stl program is intended for students with a bachelors degree or an equivalent degree in computer science


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Master’s in High Performance Computing (HPC)

… of instruction … english … diplomas delivered … master in computer science or mathematics sorbonne université and potentially a … requirements admissions … who can apply … students with a bachelors licence degree in mathematics andor computer


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Quantum Information (QI)

… by the quantum information center sorbonne qics the computer science master department in collaboration with the physics … qi … application … who can apply to the m1 … licencebachelors holders in computer science computer engineering …


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Erasmus Mundus Master's in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM)

… new materials and nanodevices in applied physics quantum computing the prediction of the properties and reactivity of … kyoto university xiamen university khalifa university of science technology research pontifical catholic university … that will guide the committee in their final decision   the bachelors diploma obtained the students academic records …